It’s official: recruiters are among the least fit professionals in any sector! A new study looking at how often people exercise put recruitment agency workers near the bottom, clocking up just one hour and 13 minutes of physical activity each day – compared to almost three hours for agricultural and IT personnel. But it might…

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If you’ve been inspired to start your own recruitment agency after reading our recent blog post, the first thing you need to consider is how to stand out from the crowd. Recruitment is notoriously competitive, so identifying a niche in the market can help your startup agency to compete against established rivals. But how do…

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Good business performance is motivated by a desire to do things better than others, and sometimes a fear that somebody else is going to do a better job than you. But increasingly, recruitment agency owners and employees find themselves worrying about being replaced not just by other people, but by machines as well. Automation is…

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Technology is constantly pushing the recruitment sector forward, but are agencies keeping pace? As a tech innovator, we want to help recruiters stay abreast of the latest trends, so in this blog post we’re looking at the future of recruitment software. ETZ’s CEO and founder, Nick Woodward, recently appeared on Recruiter Zone’s Rec Tech Showdown…

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