The true cost of late timesheets

KPMG raised industry eyebrows – and its employees’ tempers – last month, when it announced plans to start fining workers…

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What is the future of recruitment? Find out more at the Recruitment Agency Expo 2019

As we near the end of the first month of the new year, many recruitment agencies are already deeply invested…

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9 easy ways to make your recruitment agency more profitable in 2019

New year, new budget sheet – but how do you make sure that your agency spends resources wisely over the…

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Reduce your non-compliance risk with ETZComply

With new industry regulations coming into force all the time, and many recruitment agencies still getting to grips with GDPR,…

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“ETZ has provided us with a solid foundation to continue unimpeded growth. The software is intuitive and ensures that the timesheet and invoicing process is painless. The ETZ team’s knowledge..."

Alisdair Moore

“The time in which it took us to process timesheets and invoices decreased considerably. ETZ allowed us to continue the growth of our interim book without a doubt that we..."

Christine Hackeson

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