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Like all brilliant ideas ETZ is simple. It takes all the different stages of paper based timesheet processing and eradicates the opportunity for back office error, delay and duplication of work. So the candidate recording their time, the client authorising the timesheet and the agency paying the candidate and billing the client all benefit equally.

ETZ makes the recruitment back office ‘easy’. By really understanding the workflow ETZ has created a solution which makes agencies, clients and candidates and contractors lives easier while also being feature rich, flexible and configurable to almost any situation.

Despite its simplicity the system is also incredibly powerful: in just 60 seconds ETZ can condense a business process which could formerly have taken days to complete and many man hours to operate. The average time and cost savings are substantial so agencies using ETZ become both more efficient and more productive.

ETZ is fantastically cost-effective and user-friendly, yet can make an immense difference to your business. In effect it cuts out the middleman – you!

ETZ provides a reliable, pay per head service bearing your branding which adjusts to the fluctuating volume of your business and integrates flawlessly with your existing software. As soon as you begin to use the ETZ back office solution you reap all the benefits of the only system to really deliver the effective management of all timesheet activities.

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Recruitment Back Office Software

Why ETZ?

  • We’ve been solely focused on creating the best recruitment back office software since 2000
  • We process millions of timesheets and payments a year
  • This experience gives us an in depth understanding of recruitment software and the recruitment industry
  • First-class service from our dedicated support team and online Knowledge Base provides access to all the help you need to get the best out of our recruitment solution
  • Hundreds of agencies globally would provide a positive reference on how ETZ helps them
  • Our growth is powered by success proving that what we do works

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