• Small business
  • Australia
  • 15 Employees
  • Contractors in IT

What were you looking for?

“When Illume started to look for a time-sheeting solution, we were committed to finding one that was simple to use, looked professional, saved us time and had the capability to support us as our business grew and expanded into other areas.

Our time is precious. We wanted our staff to focus on growing the business, not to waste time on back office tasks.”

How did you decide on ETZ?

“Selecting ETZ was easy.

The service we have received pre and post-sale from ETZ has been amazing.

The team are proactive, know their product inside and out and are genuinely interested in Illume being successful.

It met all of our requirements, and more, and the feedback we have received from our customers and consultants has been phenomenal.”

“The service we have received pre and post-sale from ETZ has been amazing.
There is no doubt we are saving time, making more money and, more importantly, creating more market advocacy with having selected ETZ.”


Maranda McLaren | Illume Consulting

How has ETZ helped you?

“From a processing point of view, invoicing our customers is as simple as clicking a button – literally.

And tracking the business and paying our people is seamless with ETZ’s integration with Xero. In fact, having worked with enterprise ERP systems before, ETZ and Xero together behave more like an integrated system that some of these products!

It’s helped us look professional and easy to work with. Which is exactly what we wanted.

With ETZ, we’ve been able to grow our business and double our staff in 6 months.”

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What our customers say

ETZ provides H2R with an efficient and user-friendly solution for recording time, processing supplier payments, and invoicing clients. It is significantly faster and requires less resource than a manual system.

“ETZ provided a flexible and easy timesheet system that allowed contractors to enter timesheet information easily and for clients to readily authorise those timesheets. I would definitely recommend using ETZ...."

Emile Chantiri

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