Cloud-Based Online Back Office Software for Recruitment Agencies

Software-as-a-Service. Online, Cloud-based. These three terms have a singular meaning that are the business model for what is one of the fastest growing business trends today – the delivery and consumption of Line-of-Business software applications.

Online software for recruitment companies reduces technology costs by eliminating on-premise computing requirements such as servers, storage, backup hardware and operating system, applications and utility software. This is common to all online software for recruitment agencies and in fact applies to any Line-of-Business application for any type of business.

However, a best-of-breed online recruitment software application transforms the efficiency of back office processes and ETZ has become synonymous with reducing agency costs through super-efficiency.

ETZ cloud-based invoicing software for recruitment companies introduces process efficiencies which turn a timesheet into an invoice in less than 60 seconds.

ETZ is cloud-based back office software for recruitment companies which:

Eliminates inefficient, time consuming paper-based workflows

Uses on-screen timesheets to replace paper forms

Automates the process of generating invoices from timesheets

Puts an end to routine batch processing and printing of invoices

Puts an end to envelope stuffing and postal costs

Generates high quality, branded PDF email-friendly invoices

Enables PDF invoices to be received by ‘watched’ accounts payable email folders of client’s finance department

Is cloud based so no software to install. Use ETZ on any device, anywhere

ETZ online software for recruitment companies delivers some other enormous benefits that are of significant business value to recruitment firms.

ETZ: ISO 27001, the international standard for information security

The architecture of ETZ cloud-based back office software is more secure than software installed on servers and computers in an office. Security in cloud data centres is run by dedicated IT Security specialists that continually guard against hackers and cybercriminals.

Also, the data centres where ETZ’s online recruitment software is hosted have physical security measures in place that are far beyond those found in a typical office environment, reducing the potential for insider data leaks and privacy issues.

ETZ robustly hosted cloud-based back office software for 24/7 availability

Data centre arrangements for ensuring ETZ online back office software is continually available are industry standard and designed to make sure the software achieves in excess of 99.9% uptime. This means that on average it is only potentially unavailable for less than one hour in every year.

Agency supplied workers use it for timesheets and maintaining their documentation, clients use it for timesheet approval tasks, and agency managers and admin staff perform tasks, all when and wherever it fits in with the work life balance.

ETZ cloud-based back office software customers reduce costs of back office processing by up to 85%. Why not see how by taking a guided tour with a demo in the company one of our experts?

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