Get the MI your agency needs to keep it ticking

Reporting delivers management information and provides a real time view of the analytics you need to manage your business in a fast moving world.

These include real time views of gross margins and gross margin percentages.

Stay on top of MI in real time

By having your timesheet and invoicing data all in one place alongside day rates and integrations with your accounting software enables ETZ to easily run reports to give you a real time view of your agency’s key numbers.

Some of the reports that can be generated in ETZ include:

  • Gross margin
  • Timesheet by hours
  • Timesheet by hours detailed
  • Unbatched timesheets for payment
  • Unbatched timesheets for billing
  • Invoice & payment summary
  • Purchase order report
  • Outstanding messages log
  • Assignment overview
  • Assignment summary
  • Consultant commissions
  • Split margin report
  • New starts
  • New starter CIS
  • Assignment workflow
  • Timesheet images missing from invoices
  • Timesheet volume

Real time reports from ETZ

Get insights from ETZ

Automate your reporting

Automate your reporting

No more spending time inputting numbers into spreadsheets and getting reports. Use the data you have to automatically generate useful reports.

See real time gross margins and percentages

See real time gross margins and percentages

Get up to the minute gross margin numbers and percentages to gauge the health of your business.

See and chase overdue timesheets and invoices

See and chase overdue timesheets and invoices

Get a real-time view of overdue timesheets which lets you chase a single timesheet or a hundred with one single click, sent out via a text and email.

Integrates with other software

Integrates with other software

Integrate and pull in data from other software for example your accounting software.

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What our customers say

“As our contractor business has grown, the administration associated has proved difficult to manage and very labour intensive. Since the introduction of ETZ, the administration has reduced significantly. In addition,..."

Wayne Brophy

“The time in which it took us to process timesheets and invoices decreased considerably. ETZ allowed us to continue the growth of our interim book without a doubt that we..."

Christine Hackeson

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