When it comes to administrative processes, timesheets may well be the everyday ‘currency’ of agency working. However, at the end of the day, week or month, an invoice has to be generated and the bill paid.

ETZ’s recruitment back office integration solutions include invoice software that puts billing at the centre of a digital back office workflow, and its pivotal to transforming efficiency.

The problem with some recruitment invoicing software systems is that they are older, ‘legacy’ applications. These might offer the ability to generate invoices with software, but they offer limited capability to link invoicing to other processes, such as timesheet processing, or payment processing to create a digital workflow.


ETZ's back office integration solutions puts invoicing software for recruitment agencies at your fingertips. It’s specialist recruitment invoicing software that:

Eliminates inefficient, time consuming paper-based workflows

Uses on-screen timesheets to replace paper forms

Automates the process of generating invoices from timesheets

Puts an end to routine batch processing and printing of invoices

Puts an end to envelope stuffing and postal costs

Generates high quality, branded PDF email-friendly invoices

Enables PDF invoices to be received by ‘watched’ accounts payable email folders of client’s finance department

Ultimately, enables your agency to be paid faster

One of the really great features of an ETZ recruitment back office integration solution with invoice software is that it preserves investment in any existing applications that you really want to keep, as well as any ‘legacy’ applications which you may have keep.

ETZ is able to integrate such elements as timesheets, invoice software, accounting packages and payment systems in to system which automates the exchange of data. This is the essential capability which powers the digital recruitment invoicing software workflow.

With ETZ, invoicing software for recruitment agencies is put into the cloud, where the invoice software is available 24/7 to any suitably internet connected device

See how ETZ recruitment back office integration and solutions reduce the costs of timesheet processing by up to 85%. Just book a demo with one of our recruitment agency back office efficiency specialists today.

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