The effective, efficient way to run your recruitment agency back-office

Launching a new recruitment agency can be daunting, and it’s easy to get tied-up in administrative tasks when you need to be out there, attracting new clients.

ETZ’s software for recruitment start-ups takes the pain and complexity out of essential processes, such as managing contractor timesheets and invoicing your customers. Leaving you to concentrate on building your business.

Even better, by automating key back-office tasks you can cut operational costs by up to 85% – giving you more money to put into growing your company.

Benefits of using back-office software to manage your recruitment agency

There are hundreds of ways in which Startup 50/50 can enhance the management of your recruitment business back-office. Here are just a few:

Speed up timesheets and expense claims

  • Input a timesheet and create an invoice in less than 60 seconds
  • Set rules-based approvals to eliminate timesheet and expense errors
  • Chase overdue timesheets at the click of a button
  • Integrate expense claims and timesheets so they can be managed together

Improve cash flow and get paid quicker

  • Automatically generate invoices based on submitted timesheets
  • Email invoices to your clients with a single click
  • Invoice customers in any currency
  • Easily follow up outstanding invoices to get paid quicker

Review your business performance in real-time

  • Online reporting dashboard accessible from any location or device
  • New data added automatically – no more manual spreadsheets
  • Integrates with other software to pull-in vital business data
  • Gross margin numbers and percentages viewable in real-time

Software designed with small businesses in mind

  • Prices start from just $50 per month
  • No lock-in contracts or hidden costs
  • Secure email links to protect sensitive contractor information
  • Cloud-based software so no programmes to install
  • Branded to your company, keeping our technology top secret!

Why ETZ is the ideal software partner for your startup recruitment agency

As a leading provider of back-office software since the year 2000, ETZ has nearly two decades’ experience helping recruitment agencies to reduce operational costs.

We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the recruitment sector – and now we’re bringing that expertise to the start-up community, at an affordable price.

Enterprise-standard software with a start-up price tag

Our start-up customers use exactly the same software as our large agency clients; the only difference is the price tag. From just $50 per month, your business can improve the way it manages:


  • Accept submissions in any format – online, scanned, handwritten or faxed
  • Enforce contract terms for hours worked, overtime and holiday allowance
  • Chase outstanding timesheets via SMS or email


  • Set expense sheet formats to automatically categorise any claims
  • Integrate contractor expense claims with timesheet data
  • Choose to invoice timesheets and expenses together or separately


  • Automatically generate invoices from approved timesheets
  • Attach copies of timesheets and expenses to your client invoices
  • Follow up overdue invoices via email


  • View all your business data on a single online dashboard
  • Automate reporting – no more manual spreadsheets
  • Get real-time figures to understand your business health

Cut your back-office costs by up to 85% with ETZ

See for yourself how Startup 50/50 can streamline your operational costs and help to grow your recruitment agency. Fill out this contact form to schedule a demo with an ETZ expert.

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