High level recruitment and low level social and search data Large numbers of companies hold information about us. Recruitment companies hold some of the most personal details about their candidates, contractors and temps. It tends to be a relatively low volume for each individual. Contrast this with the huge volumes of data held by the…

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Payroll and timesheets a part of the UK’s fraud mountain Across the UK, fraud is costing us dear with £144 billion going missing and leading to a total bill reckoned to be up to £193 billion. Most of this is related to procurement scams of one kind or another. However, £12 billion of this was…

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Remembering the Millennium Bug People of a certain age in the technology sector are likely to remember the Millennium Bug. If you are not aware (or have simply forgotten!), it’s worth a quick history lesson… When programmers were designing computer systems in the last decades of the 20th Century, they mostly used a two digit…

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Stiffer competition likely to hit bottom lines Although recent headlines that record numbers of people are in employment may give the impression that the UK recruitment sector is riding high, there is a danger in accepting analysis born out of conventional wisdom. Impressions can be deceiving and the experiences of some are not always what…

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A little like a ‘dead cat bounce’…! Brexit is a polarising topic. Some believe it is a blessing which will enable the UK to control its borders and reset its trading relationship with the rest of the world. For others, it equates to nothing less than a national wrong turn, an ill-advised step which reflects…

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Grasping the nettle of Brexit The summer of 2017 has not brought much in the way of certainty for the UK economy. Brexit may well be a polarising subject, but whatever your view on the UK’s membership of the EU, no UK citizen wants to see a weaker pound, price inflation and UK businesses starting…

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New privacy standard for individuals means better business IT security Barely a week passes without some news of a major information security incident. Recently, we’ve had ransomware attacks exploiting the ageing population of Windows XP computers that are still being operated by the creaking NHS, and media and entertainment giants like HBO, who really should…

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