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ETZ is a fast growing FinTech company with offices in Fitzrovia, London and the Gold Coast, Australia.


AT ETZ we have 7 values, these not only set how we like to run our organisation, they are also an integral part on how our people communicate with one another and with our clients. They are as follows:

This is our foundation. We operate with integrity in everything we do. We are honest and open and assume accountability.

Only the very best work here. We operate as one-team. Our people, whether employees or Consultants are our Company. There is nothing we value more than our work force. Drawing inspiration from Patrick Lencioni's "The Ideal Team Player":

  • Be humble – understand your success but don’t let it go to your head
  • Be hungry - for success
  • Be smart – emotional intelligence is a virtue

Without our clients we have no business. Therefore it’s logical that we have to put them first. This does not mean that we put clients above our family or colleagues. It means that we understand that fostering genuine long-term relationships are key to our success. Our reputation is everything, we put in our best efforts forward to tirelessly assist our clients, every single day.

Our workforce is proud of their career achievements. Pride derives from the ambition to succeed, to be the best. Your reputation is our reputation. Quality is everything. Our jingle is "With ETZ your back-office concerns are put to bed. Let our solution keep you streets ahead".

Respect for all our workforce, wherever you come from in the world. Respect for opinions, for suggestions and for each other.

The world is a better place with it. Having compassion for our colleagues and for our clients and the world around us. Spread the love. Be kind. Keep a smile when things get tough. A sense of humour moves mountains and surpasses obstacles.

Who doesn’t need a loyal friend? It works the same within ETZ. We are loyal to our workforce and expect the same in return.


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