As the saying goes, if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. But the truth is that the searing hot summer months are an opportunity to get in the business kitchen and start cooking up plans for the rest of the year. There’s sometimes a summer lull for recruitment agencies, while contract…

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There are some tell tale signs that systems and processes are not up to scratch. It might be time to invest in back office when you… 1.   …notice the new office décor features stained wet timesheets When someone has an accidental mishap with a mug of coffee over the pile waiting to be processed, you…

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Payroll and timesheets a part of the UK’s fraud mountain Across the UK, fraud is costing us dear with £144 billion going missing and leading to a total bill reckoned to be up to £193 billion. Most of this is related to procurement scams of one kind or another. However, £12 billion of this was…

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“ETZ provided a flexible and easy timesheet system that allowed contractors to enter timesheet information easily and for clients to readily authorise those timesheets. I would definitely recommend using ETZ...."

Emile Chantiri

“ETZ has provided us with a solid foundation to continue unimpeded growth. The software is intuitive and ensures that the timesheet and invoicing process is painless. The ETZ team’s knowledge..."

Alisdair Moore

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