If you’re not already using online timesheets, you’re spending countless hours working through paper timesheets that could be better spent elsewhere in your business.

Processing timesheets is one of the largest time commitments and most labour-intensive tasks for a recruitment agency. By using ETZ Payments software you can turn a timesheet into an invoice in 60 seconds while removing the room for human error.

Just look at some of these time-saving features built into the ETZ Payments’ online timesheet software:

Any timesheet formats accepted

Whatever format your timesheets are currently processed in, they’re going to be compatible with ETZ. This means, whether you use offline, online, photo, faxed, scanned, or any other types of timesheets – you’ll be able to import them into the system for processing.

Set individual rules

Keeping track of individual rules and contractual agreements across multiple clients is difficult and time-consuming when using a paper-based system. With our software, you can set rules per each client such as overtime or holiday pay, and let the software do the work for you.

Automated calculations

The main issue with paper timesheets has always been the room for human error. From the employee entering their hours incorrectly, to the hourly rate including any overtime or special rates being calculated. Then there are data entry errors that can slip through without a robust IT system in place. Using intelligent software solves all these issues.

Extra security

We understand that timesheet data is sensitive. Which is why we have built several layers of security into our software. You can set email alerts with encrypted links for approval reminders, assign rights to your employees, and restrict access where needed.

Real-time reporting

Having the ability to view your analytics and print or view reports at the click of a button is something you can’t do without online timesheet software. Using the real-time reporting features built into ETZ helps you keep on top of your company workflow and manage costs.

Benefits of online timesheets over paper timesheets

If you still need convincing that you should be using online timesheet software. Here are some of the benefits cloud-based software has over paper timesheets:

Huge Time Savings

The number one reason to switch to cloud-based timesheet software is the huge savings you’ll see throughout the timesheet processing line.

From the moment the timesheet is created, you can send it electronically for authorising, then upload and automatically calculate the figures, and generate an invoice for payment.

Reduce Errors

Paper-based timesheets are prone to human error. There are several points in the life cycle of a paper timesheet where a small user error can cause a huge problem that can easily escalate.

Robust software with checks built-in to identify, flag, and correct errors can save you and your business a lot of time, money, and the potential embarrassment that comes with sending out incorrect invoices to clients.

Streamline Processes

Streamlining processes should always be a goal of any business looking to grow, save on costs, and implement more robust systems. Switching from paper to online timesheets software helps streamline one of the core processes within a recruitment agency. With ETZ, you can literally turn a timesheet into an invoice in 60 seconds.

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