Simpler, more cost effective and efficient workforce administration processes for NHS trusts

One of the many challenges of running one of the most admired social healthcare systems in the world revolves around management of the workforce. Shifts need to be covered around the clock 7 days per week, in some cases utilising bank and agency staff to maintain safe staffing levels.

Using Locumflow from ETZ as part of your workforce management process helps NHS trusts reduce costs by simplifying employment administration of temporary and contract staff.

When you need to manage employment of temporary and contract locum doctors, nurses and other health professionals, Locumflow enables trusts to comply with NHS Improvement (NHSI) Agency Rules and provide override submission reports in real time.

Advantages for NHS trusts of working with ETZ

Choosing Locumflow from ETZ as part of your workforce management process helps to tackle a wide range of issues associated with temporary contingent staffing.

Management & Process

  • Administration of clinical staff – locums, nurses and other health care professionals
  • Weekly payments in line with HMRC PAYE rules and conformance to employment law
  • Direct access to online timesheets for registered users with industry standard security
  • Secure timesheet approval of hours worked and self billing for recruitment agencies eliminating errors

Financial & Savings

  • Streamline and make back office administration more efficient
  • Software automation reduces costs by 85% compared with manual processes
  • Simple monthly fixed fee tariff with NO commission structure
  • Typical savings of over 70% compared with commission based tariffs
  • Eliminate erroneous payments after assignments have ended

Regulatory & Compliance

  • Meet GDPR and employment law compliance requirements in full
  • WTR – Store and manage certifications, passports, working visas and contracts of employment
  • All documentation in one place and get alerts about upcoming expiry
  • NHSI agency rules – Run Rate/Trust Ceiling, Price Caps, Maximum Wage Rates

Reporting & Planning

  • Management reporting provides Business Intelligence on temporary staffing
  • Identify trends and gain insight on how to operate more efficiently
  • Locum spend real time and open assignment, plus forward committed spend
  • Historical Bookings, Current Bookings, Future Bookings
  • Recommendations and intelligence on Locum V. Permanent hire

Why NHS trusts choose to partner with ETZ

ETZ is the UK leading provider of integrated back office solutions which simplify workforce management processes for recruitment and public and private sector organisations.

As a third party delivery partner since 2010, our team has provided online software, integration services and ongoing support and training to more than 60 NHS trusts.

NHS temporary staffing administration simplified

Locumflow from ETZ is an end-to-end service, helping NHS trusts to simplify the admin of temporary and contract healthcare staff throughout the employment lifecycle. The service seamlessly stitches together your trust’s back office processes.

  • Onboarding
    • Professional registration (where relevant) and qualification checks
    • Compliance with Health & Safety and any other requirements
  • Timesheet
    • Online timesheet information, submission  approval and processing
  • Payment
    • Integration with payroll systems to action bank transfer of pay
  • Offboarding
    • Temps and contractors removed from the system when employment ends with automated P45 creation

Take the first step to greater efficiency today with ETZ

To find out how Locumflow from ETZ can help your NHS trust to transform the efficiency of the back office and make temporary staffing administration smoother and more streamlined , simply get in touch today. To see what Locumflow from ETZ could do for your trust, just contact us to arrange a personalised demo in the company of one of our experts.

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