Connect ETZ & JobAdder for an integrated CRM solution


Make more placements with JobAdder and ETZ.

  • Streamlined flow of data from candidate placement to online timesheet & invoice creation
  • Automatically indicate where timesheets can be created
  • Placements can be invoiced directly

What is JobAdder?

JobAdder is a cloud-based recruitment system that changes the way recruiters recruit. JobAdder fulfills the complete end-to-end process of sourcing and placing top talent, along with everything in between. As well as a recruitment platform, it is a contact database where large amounts of client and candidate information can be securely stored and accessed at any time, from any mobile device.

Here are some ways JobAdder can enhance recruitment for your business:

  • Post a job vacancy to a range of international job boards, advertising channels and social media platforms simultaneously, in just one click
  • Applicant Tracking functionality and a user-friendly dashboard display streamline a candidate’s progress right up until final placement
  • Email tracking lets users know exactly who has read and actioned their emails
  • Sophisticated CRM allows recruiters to optimise relationships with customers and clients
  • Contact Management System captures and archives large volumes of data securely, which can be accessed to fill future vacancies
  • VMS and task management tools optimise work flow
  • Cloud-based software gives recruiters total mobility to recruit anywhere, anytime
  • Offices in 3 different countries provide 24/7 live customer support

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