Make clients your focus – not timesheets, expenses and invoicing

Are you spending too much time on admin tasks, when you need to be focusing on clients? ETZ can transform the way you manage business operations within your recruitment agency – and cut back-office costs by up to 85%.

We specialise in back-office software for the recruitment sector. ETZ has helped thousands of agencies – including the industry’s biggest names – to streamline the way they manage essential administration. Your business could be the next to benefit.

ETZ’s enterprise recruitment software adds value by simplifying and automating timesheets, invoices and payments. As a result, you can process paperwork quicker and get paid sooner.

Why invest in back-office software for your recruitment agency?

ETZ’s market-leading software cuts the cost of running your recruitment agency by up to 85%, while also saving vital man-hours. Here are some of the ways it can decrease overheads and improve your operational processes:

Reduce the resources you need to manage timesheets

  • Convert timesheets to email invoices in 60 seconds
  • Accept contractors’ timesheets in any format – digital or paper-based
  • Set approvals so you don’t waste time correcting illegible or incorrect timesheets
  • Chase hundreds of overdue timesheets at the click of a button

Speed up your invoice payments by days – if not weeks

  • Automatically produce invoices from submitted timesheets
  • Fully integrate invoicing software with your accounting systems
  • One-click follow up function to chase overdue invoices
  • Multi-currency billing for international clients

Bring expense claims into your bigger picture

  • Integrate expense claims, timesheets and invoices for each candidate or client
  • Set rules that define what staff can claim for and how claims are categorised
  • Manage timesheet and expense claims together, but choose whether to invoice them separately

Get an up-to-the-minute overview of your business performance

  • Manage key business data through a single, digital dashboard
  • See your gross margins and gross margin percentages in real-time
  • Access the latest analytics from any device or location
  • Integrate other essential information – such as your accounting software

Great value software, bespoke to your recruitment business


  • Process timesheets in any format, including handwritten or faxed
  • Set contract terms for hours worked, overtime and holiday allowance
  • Use SMS or email to chase outstanding invoices


  • Integrate timesheet and expense data for every client
  • Automatically categorise and format all claims
  • Choose to invoice timesheets and expenses together or separately


  • Automatically generate invoices from approved timesheets
  • Attach copies of timesheets and expenses to your client invoices
  • Use email to chase overdue invoices


  • Get real-time data to understand your business health
  • View all your business metrics on a single online dashboard
  • Automate reporting and get rid of manual spreadsheets

See how ETZ can reduce your back-office costs by up to 85%

If you’re ready to refocus your energy on building client relationships, let ETZ take the admin burden off your hands. Request a demo with one of our software experts by filling out this contact form, and see first-hand how we can cut back-office costs by up to 85%.

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