UK Back Office Recruitment Software

The recruitment sector is highly competitive and it is getting stronger all the time. Record numbers of vacancies coupled to a UK skills shortage and the impact of Brexit mean there is a lot to play for.

Technology creates winners and losers, and the use of UK back office recruitment software is going to drive the success of British recruiters.

The recruitment businesses that will continue to thrive need to be super-efficient through using back office software specifically designed for recruitment agencies in the UK.

The market for recruitment software in the UK is also highly competitive. But there are some key factors that really mark out ETZ as a leading UK back office recruitment software service provider.

The headline benefits of ETZ

There are some attributes that are UK specific and reflect the need to align with UK business practice and expectation.

Eliminating inefficient, time consuming paper-based workflows

Use of on-screen timesheets to replace paper forms

Automating the process of generating invoices from timesheets

Putting an end to routine batch processing and printing of invoices

Putting an end to envelope stuffing and postal costs

Generating high quality, branded PDF email-friendly invoices

Enabling PDF invoices to be received by ‘watched’ accounts payable email folders of client’s finance department

Cloud based and extremely easy to use with great support

ETZ has a strong local presence in the UK

We have made significant investments in people, premises and resources. This demonstrates a strong commitment to the UK market and shows we are in tune with what UK recruiters want.

ETZ is supported by a UK team

This prevents language and culture throwing up barriers and creating misunderstandings that may happen when software for recruitment agencies in the UK is not supported by native English speakers based in a territory where English is the first language.

ETZ is one of the best supported UK recruitment software solutions

ETZ is a service provider which offers support for any ‘business critical’ event – that is any situation which affects your ability to operate your business – 24/7. Quite simply, for agencies using recruitment software in the UK, the technology is business-critical and our support arrangements reflect this.

ETZ is the only UK back office recruitment software that reduce costs of back office processing by up to 85%. For agencies looking for a best-of-breed UK back office recruitment software solution, simply take a guided tour in the shape of a demo with one of our experts.

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